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This picture gallery is dedicated to my Elos System 120 adventure....

Once again I decided to go with the Elos brand. I really like the sleek and modern design and if you see an Elos tank you will notice it is top notch quality. The glass is even superior to "Starphire glass" we see mostly here in the US. The edges are perfectly polished and the seams are perfectly cut and put together.
Of course the most important is what happens "inside" the tank but I also see it as a nice piece of furniture I can enjoy when I relax on the couch.


  • Elos system 120 (47.24 x 22.5 x 19.69)

  • Elos cabinet with black doors with Elos sump

  • Skimmer: Elos PS1000. This is the brand new Needle wheel skimmer from Elos released at the InterZoo2010.

  • Return pump: Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0

  • Lighting: Elos Aquatop with 4 LED stripes

  • ATO: Elos Osmocontroller Digital

  • Additional filtration: 2 NextReef MR1 Shorty Media Reactor.

  • Water movement: Tunze Wavebox, 1 x MP40, 1 x MP10

  • Controller: Apex with WXM module


Coral Pictures

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Fish Pictures

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Tank Pictures

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Elos goes Atlantis

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Elos 2015

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Elos 2015 setup

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